Since the beginning of seventh grade my blogging and writing skill I would say has improved a lot!

The paragraphing skill has improved the most in my work. I say this because in my very first post, the whole post was only one paragraph. My writing now has well over 2 paragraphs.

My writing I would say has also improved in elaborating. My writing now in my opinion expresses the emotion and shows the moment better that it did when I first started blogging.

This year has taught me that blogging is a useful tool to help me improve on my writing technique and improve my punctuation and grammar.

Seventh Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected the first day of school would be lecture upon lecture going over the rules, what we would be learning about over the year, and consequences for the rules that we broke.

It turned out that I was correct. The first day of seventh grade was lecture after long talk going over, common sense rules and introductions to the year.

By October I had all of my classes going pretty steady, but my control over the boat load of overflowing homework was still out of my control. Countless nights I would stay up until midnight pouring over pages in my science text book writing down everything I could find about cell division and amino acids.

Eventually I figured out that the homework load was only going to get greater so I just had to learn to accept the fact.

Seventh grade also brought good things, for example the growing and making of new friends. Some of the new friends i have made this year have turned into some of my best friends and I don’t know what I would do without them! Also being in Track and Field was a lot of fun! Even though the training for the meets were not at fun the satisfaction I felt when I won second place running the half mile payed off for all the hard work.

So in conclusion I would say that seventh grade was a pretty good year and have learned lessons and skills that I hope to carry on in 8th grade.

Crystal Ball

Come see your life in my crystal glass–

Twenty-five cents is all you pay.

Let me look into our past–

Here’s what you had for lunch today:

Tuna salad and mashed potatoes,

Green pea soup and apple juice,

Collard greens and stewed tomatoes.

Chocolate milk and lemon mousse.

You admit I’ve told it all?

Well, I know it, I confess,

Not by looking in my ball,

But just by looking at your dress.

~Shel Silverstein

This poem was written by the poet Shel Silverstein. When I was in the 1st grade I was assigned this poem to recite to our homeroom class. I practiced so much for it! When I preformed the poem I sat at a small table in a long dress and used a crystal decoration ball from my grandmas house and spoke the poem as if I was a fortune teller. I was so proud of myself when I finished!

This poem shower great writers’ craft using rhyme and rhythm to help tell the event and Shel also used commas and creative punctuation to tie this poem all together!

Challenge Week Six: Media and a Memory

When I was little I just couldn’t live without my stuffed pink pig that I named Piggy. It was the most meaningful thing that I possessed, and I loved him. He had a darker pink poughting nose and the stuffing in his stomach had worn away, making him look hungry.

While I had him I took him with me everywhere. He sat next to me in the car and in my lap on plane trips and kept my company. There was not one night that I slept with out him. Piggy protected me while I slept and shared my dreams. Piggy also cuddled with me when I was sad and was always there to comfort me. He shared most of my childhood favorite memories with me and, in all my childhood pictures Piggy was always there in my arms absorbing my love for him.

Since then, I still look at him and remember all of the loving memories that I would of never of had with out him.

Favorite Quote

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. -Dr.Seuss.

This quote by, Dr. Seuss inspires me because it gives me the feeling to not being upset about your mistakes and bad experiences, but to be happy for them because you have hopefully learned from the experience or mistake.

I like this quote also because it make me think about the past and be thankful for the thing that have come from good experiences and how important they are to learn from. Being thankful for what has happened in the past and learning about how it can change your future is another way this quote inspires me to be thankful.

Zilker Park Austin, Texas

Austin Aglow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Andy via Compfight

White fluffy clouds swim in the creamy blue sky that looks over my favorite out doors place in Austin, Texas, Zilker Park!

I love the kite festival in the spring, hundreds of colorful kites gliding though the sky. Little children struggle to hold the handle of string ,but enjoying the thrill and laugh. The spring fresh grass provides a perfect cushion for the blanket that we put down to eat our family picnic and watch my brothers and little cousins play soccer.

Swimming in Baton Springs during the summer is also something that I love to do in this park. The water is usually very clear and cold which is perfect for the Austin summers reaching blazing temperatures being above 90 degrees!

The traditional show of the trail of lights in the Christmas season is probably my favorite event that the park hosts. My family and I go to every year and walk through the tunnel of Christmas lights. We intake the rest of the different lights and decorations, we also take lots pictures. When we finish we go order warm funnel cake and then go spin under the light up Zilker tree and get dizzy then fall down then look up and watch the stars.

Zilker park is such happy place for me and I enjoy going every time. Each time I go my family and friends make new memories that last forever!


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: lightups via Compfight

Spring. When all happiness comes into bloom and the coldness melts away. I love when the season changes to spring.

Bright buds blossom from out of the cold crisp yellow green grass representing the season change. Little pastel colored flowers sprout from between the cracks in the sidewalk and show you that the grey winter has been outgrown and pushed into the past. I love the way the roses smell when they start to awaken from there months of hibernation hiding away from the frost bitten wind.

I don’t only love all of the beautiful flower in the spring, I also enjoy the way the sun becomes a more of a bright lemon yellow and no longer a yellow with undertones of grey. I love the way the birds sing in the morning, instead of waking up to the deep Howell of the winters coldest winds.

Spring is one of my most favorite seasons and I love all of it characteristics and traits makeing the world more colorful and bright.


Bright lights and buildings that grow up instead of across the street towered over me with oversized advertisements lit with flashing lights. Hundreds of people swarm the sidewalks, that so happen to have more traffic that the busy streets. Taxis drive by and you are only able to see them as a bright yellow blur.

The people that we met were very nice and the street food smelled so good. There were dozens of people on the side walk trying to sell fake handbags such as: Chanel, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Prada. The bags looked so real and they were places on a white sheet that lay on the ground ready to be wrapped up quickly just in case a NYPD came by and saw what they were trying to sell.

The FAO shorts store was the biggest toy store I had ever been in. It had: 2 stories of every kind of toy you could imagine and toy brand separated so you could find just the kingpin you were looking for. Down stairs there was the biggest candy selection a child could ever dream of. With oversized-double the fun candies that you could only find there.

The Apple store stood out in the middle of the block with a two story glass cube with the Apple logo floating in the middle with a line that could wrap around the world at least twice.

The experiences that you can have in NYC are nothing like you could have anywhere else and are something I will never forget!

In The Woods

Tall charcoal colored branches drape over head, like long printed expensive window curtains blocking the glow from the sun. The ashy floor of the forest is decorated with the singed leaves making patters into a guided path. The remaining green that survived the blanket of flames, slumped over turning away. Twisting along the cracked bed of the dried river vines of decaying greenery slope urning for the crisp touch of clear cool liquid to nurture them back to Heath. The clear flowing water that used to flow down this bed a vanished leaving the animals to follow or suffer the loss of nutrients.

I walked in the middle of the path crunching the leaves as the turned to dust in the breeze of the wind floating away. Touching the ashes on the bark of a old Ceader tree. I look at the black powder the left chalky residue against my skin and under my nails. My feet leaving tracks in the fine dry particles made from the dehydration of the earth.

On The Way To Hawaii

As the plane hurdled down the runway the front wheels of the plane started to ease off the ground. Trembling with both excitement and fear my hands griped the arm rests on my seat and my nails dug into the cheep feeling fabric that coated the seats. My ears started to pop and the gum I had been chewing had not helped. I satin the swerving plane bouncing and jolting up and down for eight hour it was all worth the flight because I would be spending the next two and a half weeks in Hawaii!